E-Waste collection services


E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the planet. Already, we produce something like 50 million tonnes of it each year. And that number’s only set to increase as electronics become more accessible worldwide.

So, what is e-waste?

E-waste, or electronic waste, encompasses electrical and electronic equipment that’s outdated, unwanted, or broken. That means everything from smartphones to end-of-life refrigerators. Basically, anything that runs on electricity that you’ve decided to get rid of. Globally, we only recycle 10% of our e-waste, a number that’s as shocking as it is depressing. As for the 90% we don’t recycle, it ends up getting landfilled, incinerated, or illegally traded.

  1. What makes e-waste so bad?

E-waste contains a laundry list of chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment, like: mercury, lead, beryllium, brominated flame retardants, and cadmium, i.e. stuff that sounds as bad as it is. When electronics are mishandled during disposal, these chemicals end up in our soil, water, and air.

To make matters worse, electronic waste is sometimes illegally exported to countries that don’t have laws on handling and disposing of it. Once there, it’s dumped. Sometimes, valuable materials are recovered, but often in unsafe working conditions.

Collection and recycle Services

At LaserDestiny we will collect, Dismantle and recycle all your Electronic waste products.
Anything from Computers/Laptops, Printers, Cellphones, Monitors/Screens, Projectors, Routers/Modems, Tablets, Keyboards/mouse, HiFi’s, CD/DVD/Blue Ray drives, Hard disk drives/SSD, etc…

For Hard Drives and other data storage devices we will destroy all data and if required will give a certificate of destruction for a fee.

We will collect within a radius of 20 Kilometers around Fourways for Free.
Just phone or Whatsapp us on 087 094 1533 or email: ewaste@laserdestiny.co.za or visit our website