Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Why cyber Security?

It is for your online protection. Use these tips to make your online world a bit more secure. Always be vigilant, as attackers can strike at any time when you least expect it.

Connect to WiFi with Caution

Avoid using the free WiFi hotspots offered in travel lounges, hotels or restaurants. Rather use a 3G/LTE connection or your mobile device´s hotspot/tethering option. If you have no other choice, Make sure your anti-virus and firewalls is on and up to date and use a VPN connection, but rather wait till you can connect to your own network.

Make sure it´s secure

Ensure that all transactions and personal information are sent via a secure website (with an HTTPS connection).

Clicking on a link can mean trouble

When in doubt, don´t click on a link or document without contacting the sender first. Never enter password credentials, unless you have checked the site´s URL to verify you are on a legitimate site.

A good defense is the best offense

Always Ensure you have installed anti-virus software. Before travelling, ensure that software on all your devices are up to date. Out-of-date software leaves you vulnerable to malware, ransomware and viruses. Use VPN software when connecting to public networks.

Layers, Layers and more Layers of protection.

Yes it can be an irritation but Multi-factor authentication is essential to protect your bank and email accounts. Always opt in where this is offered – e.g. a one-time pin (OTP).

Learn good habits

Always ensure that you lock your device, even when you are alone, and every time you step away from it. Remember that a hotel room is not secure. A hotel safe is a better choice than leaving items out in the open.

Notify the banks if things do not look right.

Notify your bank if a device you use for remote banking is lost or stolen. If you are using a company device, ensure you contact your IT department for guidance.

Keep your cards in sight

Do not allow credit or bank cards out of your sight, as this is typically when they are skimmed or cloned.

Only take what you need when traveling

If you don´t think you will use devices and materials of a sensitive nature when traveling, then don´t take them with you. Make sure these items are securely locked away while traveling.

Do not rely on proof of payments

Communications (including proof of payment or transaction notices) can be intercepted and altered. When in doubt, always verify a payment yourself via another channel, for example, through a telephone call.

Always make backups!!

Ransomware attacks are a lot less scary when you maintain a good backup regimen or use cloud storage options.

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